These are not all of our events. I went through and picked out some of the better ones that have survived the test of time. Before 2/2019, most of our meetings were in person, so we didn’t record them. We only had PDFs when people sent them.

I also started sending PDFs out in email to track them down and update this table as soon as I have time.

I tried to post our older recordings of chapter meetings, but they are all too large. I put up a couple, but they are accessed via Google Drive. You can check them out and let me know if they are usable after you download them before I add the rest of them. There are about 12.

2/22Lin LaurieAccessibility in PPT & Other MS Tools (Video)
1/2022Joe WelinskeUX Writing from a TW Perspective (Video)
9/2016Amy Lanfear
Laura Williams
Evolution of Tech Writing at Microsoft
9/2018Allie ProffReady, Set, Podcast
10/2018Lin LaurieSnagIt 2019 Just Released
10/2021John HedtkeFreelance vs. Captive: Making an Informed